The Important California Injury Laws To Know

As is the case with any other state,California also has a set of rules that govern personal injury cases. So if you’ve recently been injured because of the recklessness of another party,you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries. However,before you do this there are some California injury laws to know that will help make your case and make the process easier for you.

You only have two years to file a claim in the state of California. However,if you were not aware of the injuries,then you’ll still have one year from the date as soon as you discover your injuries. If you want to pursue a lawsuit against the government agency,you have between six months to a year in which to do so. Personal injury claims are definitely time sensitive,so it is always recommended that you collect evidence and speak to a car accident legal help immediately following your injury.

California also applies the comparative negligence rule.The total amount of compensation you are awarded will first be deducted by the percentage of your liability in the accident and then given to you. You should also take note that if you are involved in a car accident and you do not hold auto insurance at the time,you will forfeit your right to claim compensation. This is even if the other driver is 100% at fault. Therefore it is important to be an insured driver when on the roads of California.

The amount of information that you have to take in following a personal injury may seem overwhelming. This is why you should hire yourself a auto accident attorney . They will assist you as far as possible and as much as possible in pursuing your lawsuit and being awarded a Fair amont of compensation.

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