Lucky story in Da Nang for a girl who sold lottery Vietlott

Vietlott lottery tickets are something that anyone can buy. The difference is that people who have a lot of money can buy a lot of tickets to improve the probability of winning, people who don’t have a lot often buy one or two shots, with a small dream, I can win some of the dream money in order to can change life. And in a single draw, luckily called Ms. K – the seller of lottery tickets in Da Nang.

The story that she brought to many people was touched and felt that the billionaire Vietlott award in Da Nang had reached the right owner.

The image of Ms. K winning the prize

Ms. K’s situation

Ms. K has been a Vietlott ticket seller in Da Nang for many years. She moved to Saigon to live and did not have a stable education, so she chose this job as a main source of income, although it was small but helped her to live a difficult life. However, selling lottery tickets with her was not easy, as she always had to go all the way from one lane to another, in order to have as many of her customers as possible. Usually, after one day of ticket sales, she will usually register one or several tickets from the remaining tickets that cannot be sold, in order to give hope for herself to get a new start.

What is Ms. K’s award?

Vietlott agent in Da Nang has received this lottery ticket of Ms. K. Through rigorous and clear censorship, together with technical checks from the attached file, Vietlott enterprise has correctly identified that the owner of the jackpot 2 prize of Power 6 55 from the second draw 338 is Ms. K, with a prize of over 4.6 billion dong. This award system is determined the winning ticket is a sales location at 256 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang City.

What is the amount of bonus Ms K received?

With a prize worth more than VND 4.6 billion, Ms. K is obliged to contribute 10% to the state tax, which means VND 460 million. Accordingly, she will receive more than 4 billion VND – the dream of many people. Sharing with the press, she said that she is very happy to have become the owner of this quality award.

Many people told her that this was a large amount of money, so it was not just a day or two that could make the right decision. Currently, there have been many offers and invitations for her investment, but she also needs to take a closer look to make sure this money is not wasted.

What decisions does Ms. K make for the future?

This is what many people are concerned about what the true owners of the jackpot prize will do with the huge amount of money they receive. So sometimes, people don’t care who receives the award, they just want to know what the value of that award is, as well as the plans they really want to do. In fact, Ms. K intends not to invest anywhere, instead will invest in the education of her children.

She said she did not want her children to travel the streets to sell lottery tickets like their parents. The Vietlott Prize in Da Nang gave her the opportunity to create better values for her two children, so she hopes that the two children can appreciate it and study hard. In addition, she wanted to build and renovate her house to have a permanent accommodation, not wanting to be too much in the sunshine. The remaining money, part of which she will use to send to the bank, this will be the amount she wants to take care of the elderly, prevent the disease from coming, and she can run for treatment. She herself is older so she does not know what the future will happen.

Ms K’s confession

Because she has received a meaningful award from Vietlott in Da Nang, she also wants to share with those around her. A part of the money will be used to support disadvantaged people who cannot yet fully pay for life. She hopes that people can accept this small heart to be more optimistic in life. In addition, trying a small amount of your money to buy vietlott is also a way to bring a more positive life.

She wishes to share with many pieces of life

Above is the information that we provide to you about the lucky winner of Vietlott tournament in Da Nang. We know that there will be many other guests winning quality awards, so be optimistic to find your own unique jackpots. Give us the article to those around us so that they can find out and refer.

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